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About the Camera

Medical Infrared Imaging Cameras

We offer great deals on used infrared thermography cameras right from our demonstration inventory, meaning you can buy a used infrared camera that's barely right out-of-the-box – another great opportunity.

Proprietary Med-Hot Medical Software is user-friendly and designed to encourage immediate thermographer proficiency in performing medical quality images. We can assure maximum imaging performance required for clinical interpretation.


Meditherm IRIS - $14000 (inclusive of taxes)*

* Import Duties will be extra.

Meditherm IRIS System - FLYER





Technology Microbolometer
Material Amorphous Silicon
Spectral Response 7-14 um

Thermal Sensitivity (NETD)

< 100mK
Contrast/Brightness Software Controlled
Data Output Analog NTSC Video
Dynamic Range 8 Bit
Refresh Rate 30 fps Output
Pitch Size 48 um
Optics 25mm with 17° F1.0)
Array size 160x120 array
Non-Uniformity Correction Automatic
Focus Manual
Power Supply Voltage 110 VAC

For Sales Enquiries Contact Us or Register Yourselves

*Prices include only the infrared cameras and imaging software. Laptop computers and camera stands are available at additional cost.