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Making the Decisions

Is thermography right for your patients?

In May, 2007 the New York Times reported the "small but significant decline" in mammogram rates among women ages 40 and older from 70.1% in 2000 to 66.4% in 2005. This is particularly significant because the huge population of Boomers, now aged 40 to 60, are in the targeted mammogram age group, and they are obviously choosing not to participate. Are Boomers quietly rebelling against the mandated radiation and smashing of breasts? Apparently so.
Boomers have also observed women in their own lives who had accepted the required practice of annual mammograms only to find they had cancer that the mammograms did not detect. It makes sense that a group with the known mind-set of this generation would prefer a safer, earlier detection for prevention as a option to “disease management”.
Thermography can and will fill that preference...but now without you.

Is thermography right for you?

Acquiring a thermography camera is like investing in the future of your patient’s health.
If prevention is your vision of assisting your patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle then you are a candidate for successful ownership of a Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging System. If you have a burning desire to offer this incredible service in your practice, we will find a way to make that happen.

Which system is right for you?

If you insist on the most advanced technology with the greatest clarity and detail, then the HD-3000 would be your system of choice.
You can take responsible images with a lower resolution camera, like the MTI-2000 or the used Meditherm cameras. The price is more economical and is a way to enter the market. Ask about our first year trade-up plan.

Methods of acquisition

Cash Purchase

We accept a $5,000 deposit with any order and it may be paid with Master Card, Visa or Discover card. The balance is to be paid by bank cashier’s check on acceptance and at the time of delivery and training.
If you already own a thermography camera, we do offer to take trade-ins.


We can introduce you to a reputable leasing company that offers very little or no money down. We can make it very convenient for you to see if you pre-qualify for an equipment lease or line of credit.

In-house financing

Under certain circumstances, Med-Hot will consider various terms and conditions to assist you in acquiring your system.