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Business Benefits
High-Def Thermal Imaging
Physicians Insight
Patient Benefits

See and believe the benefits of early detection...

High definition (or high resolution) thermal imaging refers to the fine detail and clarity of a thermal image. This means it contains a large number of pixels per unit of area. In this case, a thermal imaging camera taking a high definition photo means you will find greater thermal detail at any distance. You can find significant problems that could be missed with a lower resolution thermal imaging camera.
New HD-3000 high definition thermal imaging camera has a 320X240 detector, which delivers 76,800 pixels in a thermal image. That’s 4 times better resolution than a thermal imaging camera with a 160x120 detector! To the medical thermologist, a high definition thermal imaging camera means greater interpretation accuracy.
It is also the new standard for medical thermal imaging cameras. Whether you seek to expand your practice to include thermal imaging or to provide highly accurate reports to your patients, a high definition thermal imaging camera is a must-have for practitioners who incorporate prevention as a method of providing quality-of-life healthcare for their patients.
A high definition thermal camera is also ideal for medical practitioners who demand the most accurate technology with the best performance and is ideal for the busy thermography practice that intends to use the thermal imaging camera every day.

See the Difference Yourself

Image quality has improved over the years, as you can see below.
Click on an image to view enlarged comparisons

HD 3000 MTI 2000 Meditherm Pro
2007 2004 1999