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High-Def Thermal Imaging
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Physicians Insight

The US has the highest rate of breast disease in the world. The good news is that research has finally confirmed it is not primarily related to family history (only 5% of all breast cancers are genetically related). This means it is a PREVENTABLE disease. Even more compelling, it means that a strategy for minimizing your odds of developing breast disease can be to make basic lifestyle changes while incorporating new, predictive screening technologies like Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging
Thermography can forewarn women of breast health problems up to 8 years before symptoms may be visible. Avoiding breast cancer sounds like a better idea than just detecting it …
What do you think?

Active Cancer Cells Can Double in Number Every 90 Days
Time Cells
90 days 2
1 year 16
256 256
3 year 4,896
4 year 65,536
5 year 1,048,576 Still undetectable
6 year 16,777,216
7 year 268,435,456
8 year 4,294,967,29632 Doublings; normally detectable by Mammogram at this stage
Approx 10 Years 40 Doublings; considered lethal
Thermography is not a stand alone diagnostic device and does not replace any other diagnostic device or examination, and  is therefore used as an adjunctive screening tool with other such devices and examinations

Why use Thermography for breast screening?

To understand how thermography can be beneficial, the above visual chart is quick and easy to understand.
This is a hypothetical chart, of course, but it can be representative of an average growth pattern of a slow-developing breast tumor. Most doctors agree and even tell their breast cancer patients that a growth may have been there for 8 or 10 years.
Mammograms are a good tool for determining the exact location of a developed tumor, but it is not an early warning system, which some women assume that it is. “Early” is a relative term, so if a mammogram can see it in the 8th year, it is earlier than the 10th year, but in any case, even the 7th year may be too late to change the outcome. The real danger of breast cancer is determined by whether or not it has spread to a vital organ. If it is going to spread, it has had many years to do so. We deserve earlier detection, and this is it.
Thermography can see the blood supply that feeds a tumor in its microscopic infancy, and the only way to possibly detect it in that stage is to establish a thermographic baseline and monitor every year for the real early signs!
Thermography is not a stand alone device and is approved as adjunctive to be used with other approved diagnostic devices.