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About Medical Infrared Thermography
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About Medical Infrared Thermography

Medical Thermography is the use of an infrared camera to "see" and "measure" what we call metabolism, thermoregulation or thermal energy emitted from the body. Thermography reveals a fascinating and reliable pattern of thermal activity that discloses a silent warning. A sensitive infrared video camera can even detect a gentle but visible pulsation created by blood pumping through blood vessels.
Infrared lets us see what our eyes cannot because it’s part of an invisible electromagnetic wavelength that we perceive as heat. Everything with a temperature above absolute zero emits heat. Infrared thermography cameras provide the ability to record precise non-contact body temperature measurement. Abnormal physiological activities in the body are easily observed with thermography. This makes infrared cameras an extremely cost-effective, safe and valuable diagnostic tool for determining a patient’s general health picture with many applications that include breast and cardiovascular monitoring.
As the infrared medical industry strives to improve product performance, reliability and most important, repeatability, new medical applications for infrared cameras will continue to be discovered and utilized. Thermography is quickly becoming the imaging of choice for practitioners who incorporate prevention as a method of providing quality-of-life healthcare for their patients.

Thermography is not a stand alone diagnostic device and does not replace any other diagnostic device or examination, and  is therefore used as an adjunctive screening tool with other such devices and examinations.