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Choosing a Thermography Company - What You Need to Know

Once you have decided to offer thermography in your practice, it can be an interesting challenge to sort thru the different technologies and companies. Everyone, of course believes theirs is the best and what is important is to find the combination of the company and camera that is best for you.

Benefits of choosing the right company
Choosing a camera or technology can be an exercise in data and image comparisons, more of a left brain task. Choosing a company is entering into a relationship where the wrong choice can affect the entire operation of the thermography service you offer. The medical infrared imaging relationship is all about the service you receive. These services will include:
Training: The success of the technical training for the thermographer, or the person responsible to take the images, directly reflects in the quality of service to your patient. The thermographer’s greatest responsibility is to responsible history and take high quality images so the interpreting doctor can provide a responsible interpretation report. These are some of the things to consider:

Easy to access reference materials. The Med-Hot software provides the correct patient positioning and framing references right on the imaging screen. The patient never sees the technician thumbing thru a manual.
Clear & correct focusing is one of the most common training challenges. Many cameras are manually focused. The Med-Hot camera is focused thru the software which provides small increments of focus to allow the technician the ability to make a determination. Also, the High-Def camera with higher pixel count provides greater visual detail which makes focusing much easier.
Image file saving. After the image is captured it must be saved to file. Some systems require the technician to save the image manually, which can add significantly to the imaging time. The Med-Hot software was designed to save the image automatically, which allows the technician to move thru the imaging process quickly and smoothly. Both technician and patient appreciate this convenience.
Testing imaging skills. It is important that your technician be tested to determine if they are comfortable with the training presented. It is important to both student and teacher that the student leaves the class confident that they were able to comprehend and retain the information presented. In many cases, the next time they use the camera, a patient will be in front of it.
Image grading. Be certain that your technician’s imaging skills will be reviewed and graded on the initial images submitted for interpretation. At Physician’s Insight, the training teacher reviews, grades and offers feed-back on the first 25 studies submitted to confirm that you and your patients receive the benefit of a well presented and accurate study. The thermographers also appreciate the additional help.

Tech Support
Med-Hot utilizes a remote support system that allows the technician to access your computer remotely to determine if you need software or camera support. Your thermographer can show the technician a problem right at the computer and our technician can make necessary corrections without taking your thermographer’s time.
Marketing Support
We have a third party, who is also a thermographer, and offers marketing materials such as brochures, reminder cards and posters.
If your business plan includes imaging outside your office, we will assist you in promoting that side of your business. Also, the IAMT (Institute for the Advancement of Medical Thermography) offers a workshop at their quarterly meeting on successful strategies for marketing medical thermography to the patients.
The Med-Hot MH-Pro IR proprietary software was designed specifically for the convenience of the medical thermographer to facilitate a short learning curve with as many automated tasks as possible. On-screen imaging references were mentioned above.
Image Interpretation
Report submission is instant, the Physician’s Insight report management system makes it easy to check on the patient’s report status. Communication between the thermographer, the trainer and the interpreting doctor is convenient to all.
Reports are completed within 24-48 hours. When necessary, the reporting thermologist will make suggestions to the practitioner. The goal is to make the reports as informative as possible.
If you have never been certified as a Clinical Thermographer or a Thermography Practitioner, that service is offered by IAMT (Institute for the Advancement of Medical Thermology) www.iamtonline.org When you purchase a camera, Med-Hot will provide the certification for two people, either two thermographers or one thermographer and one practitioner.