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After selling and supporting thermal imaging systems all over the US, I have found that all buyers put the highest value on the quality of the technology and the availability of support. That is where we stand out from the rest and why we will be your premium choice.

We are committed to:

Always providing the highest quality thermal imaging systems with a generous option to upgrade when you are ready.
Providing a loaner camera, to be sent to you over-night, just like the one you have, so you are never down, even when you need maintenance.
Availability to you with our remote support. There is nothing like having someone experienced and ready to help with the technical, patient or imaging issues when you need it.
Training your new techs in person at a very affordable fee at our quarterly certification class. Thru our remote support, we can even train them and grade them on line. He have strict guidelines and expectations for responsible imaging.
We are proud of our commitment to support because we value a long-term business relationship, so our goal is to keep you happy!